What is DaVinci Art Gallery Software?

In short: Dedicated Art Gallery Admin + Web Site + eCommerce Software

Art Gallerists, art dealers, art collectors, and artists use DaVinci DaVinci Art Gallery Software to effectively manage their respective businesses. DaVinci Art Gallery Software is proven to help to manage and track important information such as inventory, transactions, consignments artists profiles, and more.

Art Gallery Software allows users to create detailed collection catalogs with in-depth information about each piece. DaVinci Art Gallery Software also assists in marketing and selling art, as well as automating tasks related to organising shows and exhibits.

DaVinci Art Gallery Software is creating web site automatically and publishing it 'on-the-fly'. The online eCommerce gallery store is an integrated, built in module.

Module A: Complete Art Gallery Admin

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Module B: Art Gallery Web Site Creation & Publishing

Art Gallery Web Site Creation

DaVinci Art Gallery Software is providing both:

Automated Art Gallery Admin modules as well as fully integrated and automatic web site creation.


Art Gallery Software Manager App


The great Benefits of DaVinci Art Gallery Software

DaVinci Art Gallery Software gives artists, galleries, and collectors the following benefits:

Decrease time spent on administrative tasks:
DaVinci Art Gallery Software will save time normally spent making and formatting documents such as inventory reports, invoices, consignments, artist payouts, gallery labels, returns payments, reporting, and more. Centralising all collection details, images, and documents within a single software platform cuts down on manual data entry, leaving more time to focus on your art, artists, and customers.

Protect your professional reputation:
Detailed inventories, stock reports and catalogs lend credibility to artists, galleries, and collectors. Artwork without documented exhibition history and origin data might be fakes or forgeries, which damages the credibility of anyone who markets them as real pieces. Creating catalogs within DaVinci Art Gallery Software ensures artwork has the details needed to protect the collection's value.

Create and Publish Your Web Site
Automatically create Wwbsites with online viewing rooms and artist portals, capture client data and generate sales leads. Enable purchases directly through the website by adding point-of-sale (POS) functionality. Get payments with a secure Payment Gateway.


Easily organize and manage your artwork:
DaVinci Art Gallery Software with catalog creation and inventory management makes it easy to organise and safeguard your art collection. The records all of the relevant information about each piece in one place, so that you are familiar with all the details of your inventory. Creating a digital record with high-quality photographs makes it easy to share art collections while protecting proof of ownership and the piece’s origins.

Automatic Art Catalog creation:
Enhance marketing efforts with an art catalog in PDF format and send it by email.. Present high-resolution digital copies of artwork along with important origin details about each piece, such as the title, artist, medium, dimensions, and date of creation.

 Art Gallery Software


 Art Gallery Software

Billing and invoicing:
Manage financials with proposals, quotes, bills, and invoices to stay on top of business transactions. Accept and process payments online, in person, and over the phone with point of sale (POS) integration.

Sales commission management:
Calculate and track employee commissions on sales transactions. Define payment structures such as a custom rate per piece or a fixed commission amount.


 Art Gallery Software

Consignment management:
Consign pieces of art to third parties and track agreement details including pricing, consignment dates, and payment schedules. Create consignor agreements and generate comprehensive reports to manage all consignor and consignee details. Calculate and track Artist Payouts and send remittance advice.


 Art Gallery Software

Inventory management and stock control:
Organize and manage your complete art inventory and generate detailed inventory reports. Easily access data on an artwork's location, value, exhibition history, and important inquiry details such as if the piece is part of a series or a limited edition.


Art Gallery Software for Admin

Art Gallery Contacts, Customer and Artists Management: With the integrated Customer Management Module, you easily store unlimited information about your customer, artists, vendors, suppliers and the people on your email list.

The records includes details of purchases, offers, notes, conversations, consignments, invoices, relevant documents and more. Report contacts by categories, interests or purchasing behaviour.


Art Gallery Software Private Rooms

Web - Private Rooms
Permit your valued customers to view selections of artworks before publish on the web!


Art Gallery Web Sotes Software

Automatic Web Store - eCommerce
Allow your client to purchase direly from the secure eCommerce web site, utilising the electronic payment gate way. Your money will be sent directly into your bank account.


Art Gallery Invoicing & Accounts: Fast and easy invoicing / billing. Automatically update the customer cards, artist and artworks records. Add multiple artworks to an invoice, each with different discounts. In accounts, you can build reports, print lists and export data relating to purchased, sold and consigned artworks. Keep your customer and artist records highly secure in the integrated data vault.


Art Gallery Exhibition Software

Art Gallery Exhibitions, Sales & Marketing: Leverage your sales by automatic sales workflow. Integrate your inventory with sales and art inventory. Track customer sales and past event histories. Fast invoicing with print and email options. Take advantage of the integrated digital media management such as pdf documents.

Easily report sales by date and period, sales by artist and more.


Art Gallery Image and photo manager. Optimise your digital media for the internet.

Keep your digital media assets and document secure in the integrated data vault.

Built in Photo-Manager: Automatically creates from original photo a range of photo size:

- original size
- thumbnail
- 250 pix width
- 500 pixel width
- 500 pixel height
- 1000 pixel height (if original allows)

Retrieve image meta information, calculate and view file size

The built-in Photo-Manager allows batch processing for importing multi import from folders, I.e artists, genres, categories.


Digital Media & Document Management: Catalog your full art inventory with ease. Share only what you select. Automatically optimise your digital media such as art images and pdf files. Use the integrated secure digital media management to leverage the archiving of artwork photos ad documents management. Keep your digital media assts and document secure in the integrated data vault.

Easily generate documents such as PDF on-the-fly. Send documents by email and save to document to the related customer, vendor or artist record. Archive and retrieve documents, such as:

- Estimations
- Invoices
- Artis Payouts
- COA - Certificates of Authenticity
- Return & Refund Documents
- Remittance Advice

- Stock / Inventory Reports
- Sales Reports


Art Gallery POS - Point of Sale: Advanced integrated POS invoicing supports fast creation of sales documents and report of sales items to the customer record, artist table and art inventory module.


Art Gallery Use of iPhone and iPad: The use of iPhone, iPad and smart devices in art galleries is not new.

New is the way how dedicated Art Gallery Software solutions are contributing and leveraging the productivity of art gallery management. Especially the art gallery solution 'Da Vinci Artful Gallery App', is a very good example how art galleries are adopting the movie devices for gallery inventory and marketing.


With the implementation of DaVinci Art Gallery Management Software you will easily take on digital transformation to achieve higher productivity and more control of your business.

Made with Claris FileMaker, the worlds leading workplace innovation platform. Within the last 30 years, FileMaker solutions have been deployed at more than 50.000 companies.

DaVinci Art Gallery Manager is Powered by Claris FileMaker™ (An Apple Susidiary).

Supported OS: Mac, Linux, Windows, IOS

We include enterprise-grade security with OAuth, MFA, end‑to‑end encryption, HSM key management (FIPS 140-2 L3 certified), WAF, app-level DDoS, internal and external AI-based threat protection, and more.

Whether you deploy in the cloud, on premise, or a hybrid of both, the Claris Platform delivers a consistent experience — from computer, to device, to web.

Claris Filemaker Platform: Thousands of developers | One community.

A community of 50,000+ developers are stand-by to assist you. Attend online or in-person events offered around the world. Advance your skills and share cutting edge best practices. Or find a professional when you need one. You’ll never have to go it alone.

Our Art Gallery Manager Platform is Claris FileMaker

We are using Claris FileMaker for Art Galleries Workflow Improvements


Import Data from Excel Files, or Export Data as Excel Files

DaVinci Art Gallery Software allows you to import data from excel files, or export data as excel files.

For more sophisticated data exchange use

- or other API's such as FMRest

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Art Gallery Web Site Publishing
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