Art Gallery Software

Billing and invoicing:
Manage financials with proposals, quotes, bills, and invoices to stay on top of business transactions. Accept and process payments online, in person, and over the phone with point of sale (POS) integration.

Sales commission management:
Calculate and track employee commissions on sales transactions. Define payment structures such as a custom rate per piece or a fixed commission amount.


Art Gallery Software Private Rooms

Web - Private Rooms
Permit your valued customers to view selections of artworks before publish on the web!


Art Gallery Web Sotes Software

Automatic Web Store - eCommerce
Allow your client to purchase direly from the secure eCommerce web site, utilising the electronic payment gate way. Your money will be sent directly into your bank account.


Art Gallery Invoicing & Accounts: Fast and easy invoicing / billing. Automatically update the customer cards, artist and artworks records. Add multiple artworks to an invoice, each with different discounts. In accounts, you can build reports, print lists and export data relating to purchased, sold and consigned artworks. Keep your customer and artist records highly secure in the integrated data vault.


Art Gallery Exhibition Software

Art Gallery Exhibitions, Sales & Marketing: Leverage your sales by automatic sales workflow. Integrate your inventory with sales and art inventory. Track customer sales and past event histories. Fast invoicing with print and email options. Take advantage of the integrated digital media management such as pdf documents.

Easily report sales by date and period, sales by artist and more.


Art Gallery POS - Point of Sale: Advanced integrated POS invoicing supports fast creation of sales documents and report of sales items to the customer record, artist table and art inventory module.

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