What is DaVinci Art Gallery Software?

In short: Dedicated Art Gallery Admin + Web Site + eCommerce Software

Art Gallerists, art dealers, art collectors, and artists use DaVinci DaVinci Art Gallery Software to effectively manage their respective businesses. DaVinci Art Gallery Software is proven to help to manage and track important information such as inventory, transactions, consignments artists profiles, and more.

Art Gallery Software allows users to create detailed collection catalogs with in-depth information about each piece. DaVinci Art Gallery Software also assists in marketing and selling art, as well as automating tasks related to organising shows and exhibits.

DaVinci Art Gallery Software is creating web site automatically and publishing it 'on-the-fly'. The online eCommerce gallery store is an integrated, built in module.

Modules & Functions of Davinci Art Gallery Software

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Gallery Admin Funtions

Davinci Art Gallery Software Admin Modules

1. DaVinci Admin Modules

1.1 Navigation- Dashboard
- Dynamic Menu Page Navigation
- Activity Dashboard

1.2 Contacts & Clients
- Contacts Database
- Customer Interactions Log
- Client Profile
- Payments Portal View
- Purchases Portal View
- Invoicing Portal View
- Marketing Activities View
- Notes Portal View
- Related Contacts Portal View
- CRM Client Relationship Management
- Outgoing eMail
- Incoming eMails*
- Scheduled Follow-Ups
- Who bought what?
- Client History
- Listings
- Detail Views
- Quick Find

1.2.1 Artists
- Artist Database
- Artist Photo
- Artist QR code Creation
- Artist QR code Look-up
- QR Code Label Print
- ARM Artist Relationship Management
- Artist Profile
- Artist Bio
- Artist Interactions Log
- Consignments Portal View
- Sales Portal View
- Payouts Portal View
- Remittance Portal View
- Notes Portal View
- Related Contacts Portal View
- Outgoing eMail
- Incoming eMails*
- Listings
- Detail Views
- Quick Find
- Artist Sales Reports

1.3 Inventory
- Purchase Orders
- Stock Entry
- QR Code Creation
- QR Code Look-up
- QR Code Label Print
- Stock Locations
- Consignment Report
- Owners Report
- Artwork Photo Library
- Web Integration- Listings
- Detail Views
- Quick Find

1.4 Artworks
- Art Database
- Art Artwork Profile
- Artworks Catalog
- Art Flyer
- Artist Data Integration
- Inventory Integration
- Categories, Medium, Dimensions
- Automatic Availability Indicator
- Automatic Web Publishing Indicator
- Link to Artwork Live Web page
- Editions
- Pricing & Costing
- Web Integration
- QR Code Label Print
- Artwork Marketing Flyer with QR Code
- COA Flyer with QR Code
- Web Publishing Settings
- Web Pricing
- Special Pricing
- Image Library Integration
- Crop Image
- Any Number of Additional Images
- Certificate Of Authenticity
- Stock Returns
- Listings
- Detail Views
- Quick Find

1.5 Marketing
- MailChimp Integration
- Customer Labels
- QR code Creation
- QR code Loo-up on iPhone & iPad
- QR Code Label Print
- PDF Catalogs
- PDF Flyers
- Image Libraries
- Quick Find
- Prospects Scheduled Follow Ups

1.6 Sales
- Point-Of-Sale
- Quick Sale
- Scheduled Follow Ups
- Artists Payout Integration
- Client Integration
- Artwork Integration
- Invoicing Integration
- Sales Reports
- Artist Sales Reports
- YTD Reports
- Graphical Visualisation

1.7 Invoicing / Billing
- Invoice Composer
- Multi Line Items per Invoice
- Invoice eMailer
- Payments
- Payable Statement
- Listings
- Detail Views
- Reports
- Access to Line Items Records

1.8 Consignment Management / Payouts
- Payouts Composer
- Payouts Scheduler
- Payouts Statements / eMail
- Remittance Advice
- eMail Remittance
- Print Remittance
- Listings
- Detail Views
- Reports

1.9 Event Management
- Calendar
- Event Planner
- Exhibitions Planner

1.10 Reporting - Daily Report
- Graphical Visualisation
- YTD Sales Reports

1.11 Archiving
- Documents
- Customer Interactions Log
- Artist interaction Log
- Artworks
- Artists Details
- Artists Catalog
- Artist Notes
- Invoices
- Estimations
- Artist Payout Data
- Artist Consignments
- Artists Catalogs
- Artist Notes
- Client Notes
- Invoicing
- Estimations

1.12 Staff
- Staff Database
- Listings
- Detail Views

1.13 Tasks
- Task Management
- Task Scheduling
- Listings
- Detail Views

1.14 Accounts Integration
- XERO Integration*
- QuickBooks*

1.15 Auction Admin*
- Auction Management
- Lots Management
- Event Management
- Buyer Management
- Seller Management
- Invoicing
- Remittance Advice
- Listings
- Detail Views

* = Optional

Web Site Creation

2. DaVinci Web creation, Publishing & eCommerce Modules

2.1 Web Creation
- Automatic Web Site Creation
- On-the-Fly Web Publishing
- CMS - Content Management System
- Artist Web Portal
- Online Private Viewing Rooms
- Automatic QR Code Creation
- Detail Views
- Listing by Artist
- Listing by Category
- Grid View
- SEO Optimisation
- Google Analytics

2.2 eCommerce
- Sell on the Internet
- Integrated Dynamic Web Store
- Buy & Check out
- Buy & Gift Voucher
- Pay by Credit Card
- Pay with Apple Pay
- Integration with Admin Module
- Integrated Order Processing within Admin Module
- eCommerce order Processing
- eCommerce Payment Gateway
- eCommerce Fulfilment Management

System Features

General Features

4. DaVinci Art Gallery General OS, Platform & App Features

- Multiuser (1 to 99 users)
- Activity Dashboard
- Admission Management
- Billing & Invoicing
- Catalog Creation
- Cataloging/Categorization
- Collections Management
- Commission Management
- Consignment Management
- Contact Database
- Contact Management
- Content Library
- Customizable Branding
- Customizable Fields
- Customizable Forms
- Customizable Reports
- Customizable Templates
- Data Import/Export
- Data Storage Management
- Document Management
- Document Storage
- Document Templates
- Drag & Drop
- Event Management
- Filtering
- For Art Galleries
- Image Library
- Interaction Tracking
- Inventory Management
- Inventory Tracking
- Invoice Management
- Location Tracking
- Marketing Automation
- Multi Currency
- Online Catalog
- Online Viewing Rooms
- Personalization
- Point of Sale (POS)
- Price / Margin Management
- Product Catalog
- Records Management
- Reporting & Statistics
- Sales Reports
- Search/Filter
- Secure Data Storage
- Stock Management
- Summary Reports
- Third Party Integrations
- Website Integration
- Website Management

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Art Gallery Software Guide Download

What is Art Gallery Software?
Premium Art Gallery Software modular package for easily creating productivity through managed workflow.
Art Gallery Software | DaVinci | The professional choice for art galleries. DaVinci Art Gallery Software is fully integrated and comprehensive. Perfect for art gallery admin and web site publishing.

DaVinci Art Gallery Manager Software is developed
with the secure & advanced 'Workplace Innovation' platform Claris FileMaker and provided as On-Premises or Secure Private Cloud Infrastructure.
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Two main categories are:
A) Automated Admin and Sales Modules (CRM)
B) Integrated Instant Web Site Creator & Publisher Module (CMS)

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DaVinci Art Gallery Manager Software offers automated, typical Art Gallery workflows that makes your work easier faster, effiicient and more secure.

DaVinci ArtGallery Software data encryption offers highest security levels.
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